Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Atlantis Bahamas

From water adventures, to casino gambling, upscale dining, and all around fun. Atlantis on Paradise Island the Bahamas has it all.

Guests can snorkel in this unbelievable setting in one of the exciting Sea Keepers Adventurers programs - Aquarist for a Day and Snorkel the Ruins - while viewing over 20,000 deep reef and pelagic fish.

The huge fish tank is visible from inside the hotels huge, never-ending lobby like area.

You can move from room to room and view many different areas of the tank and an amazing number of different fish.

In addition to the excitement of the main casino, Atlantis offers exceptional gaming experiences in tropical outdoor and upscale indoor locations.

You can jump in the pool and then stroll over to a gaming table and try your luck.

The Atlantis waterscape consists of 11 pools spread out across its lush property, each offering unique and refreshing experiences.

The lazy river happens to be my favorite.

The resort has added so many new features since I was first there years ago, it was exciting to see so much new stuff.

Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks can be seen from extraordinary vantage points: from an exhilarating ride on a water slide through the middle of the lagoon in a clear tunnel - or from the surrounding deck and panoramic windows, which offer a more leisurely look.

Aquaventure, is a thrilling 141-acre water park that is complimentary for all guests staying at Atlantis.

Featuring over twenty million gallons of water, this non-stop "aqua" adventure offers incredible Atlantean-themed towers with multiple high-speed water slides, a mile-long river ride with rolling rapids and waves, a spectacular kids water-play fort and 11 unique and refreshing pools.

The Current & Rapids offer tubers a mile-long river journey through waves, tunnels, rapids and other surprises.

Climber's Rush is a state of the art climbing facility with 12 climbing surfaces that offer a variety of options and difficulties to choose from.

There's a tour you can take if you're visiting the Atlantis for the day -- on our most recent trip, we were on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and were only in town for a day.  I knew my fiance would love the fish and the amazing size of the resort, it's casinos and some of the spectacular chandeliers and water features around the, we had to drop in for a few hours.

We ended up walking around by ourselves; however, you can't go into certain areas without a bracelet indicating you're a guest or on a tour -- but, we still were able to enjoy the casino, the aquarium and of course a cold one at the bar!

This post, nor these pictures can do this resort justice. Check out their website: Atlantis Bahamas.

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