Thursday, December 31, 2009

Key West Florida Fishing Trip

Just about 400 miles away from my home is the Southernmost city of Key West, Florida. Getting there is part of the fun - the first picture is the 7 mile bridge...not for those who don't like bridges...or forget to fill the tank with gas!

I enjoy fishing, especially deep sea fishing, and Key West doesn't disappoint. Plus, not only are the locals full of color, but the city is alive and full of things to do! So, making the 8 hour drive (or flying for free on standby - like I did when I was working for ComAir) is worth the trip.

If you've never been, or don't know too much about Key West, the city features real estate titles that date back to the Kings of Spain. It's palm-lined streets and gingerbread mansions, tin-roofed conch houses, and historic attractions like the John Audubon House and Ernest Hemingway's home keep the history and site-seeing lovers happy. After all, here you can walk in the footsteps of Thomas Edison, Lou Gehrig, Harry Truman, and Tennessee Williams.

As much as I enjoy fishing...I enjoy being on the water or near the water...I'm a Pisces, so it must be in my blood! I saw these really cool house boats -- of all shapes and sizes. Some were done up really nice and others looked like they'd go straight to the bottom with the first blow of the next hurricane.

Arriving in Key West and heading straight to the docks - I discovered several options but settled on Captain John' was reasonably priced and the guys were, I signed up for a trip the next day. Probably in the busy season you'd want to call ahead and make reservations, but there were a couple spaces left when I went, even the day of sailing...

So, once on board, there was this fishing pool...Two bucks a head got you into the pool...

Until the last 5 minutes of fishing, it looked like two of the fish I landed were in the lead...and boy were the guys pissed. The only female on board wasn't going to beat them!

Somehow, at the last second a young kid on the other side of the boat reeled in a grouper...that was almost twice the size of every other fish we had caught! Now, I didn't physically see this fish come out of the, I'm thinking these guys could have fixed this pool just so I wouldn't win! was lots of fun ribbing the guys and then losing "gracefully"... lol

On the plus side, I was able to have the guys filet up my fish, put it in a cooler on ice and bring some home to grill over the next few months...mmmmm, it was good too!

Check out the picture of the biggest fish we all caught - No Joke...I had about a dozen of them...While the captain and first mate cut up the fish, this lucky guy was able to reap the rewards of the castoff pieces!

Exploring downtown Key West -- there are some must sees, must dos...that includes a stop in Fat Tuesday's for a cool drink...and Sloppy Joes, just for the nostalgia.

Here's some of that local color I "warned" you about...have I mentioned that I HATE snakes?

For the finale of a great day - head down to Mallory Square for the Sunset Party. The street performers and local artisans will keep you busy and laughing...

You'll enjoy a beautiful sunset...and might as well grab some Conch some for me...they're my favorite!!

Happy Travels....

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